About Uschi

Uschi Rigby

I am a person-centred integrative counsellor with creativity and spirituality at my core. These attributes help me to gain a positive outlook to life and to embrace myself fully as a person. Combined with my training I feel in a position to help others to find their own beautiful centre within.

Another asset to do this work is my life experience: so far I have lived a vast spectrum of life: being single; being in a relationship; having children; living in my native country (Germany) and abroad (UK); finding love and losing loved ones; employment and redundancy. Sometimes I experienced life as a struggle, but I was/am also blessed with spiritual insights, love and a deep sense of connectedness.

For my own mental well-being I practise daily meditation, based on a mystical spiritual path outside of any religion.

I have a passion for art and nature, which I express in painting and in my garden. This also influences my way of working.