Counselling in Bristol


You might have arrived on this site because life, or some aspect of it, feels overwhelming, out of control, difficult, scary, daunting, pointless or empty.


There can be countless reasons for this:

  • outside factors (like relationship issues, loss of some kind, employment, transition issues),
  • inside factors (like low self-esteem, anxiety or depression);
  • past trauma or fear of the future,
  • conscious or unconscious blocks and obstacles.

Counselling helps to unravel the blocks and traps that hold you back from living your full potential, uncovering your true Self in the process.


Browse around to get to know me a bit more. Find out about my background and my approach to counselling . Take a look at Some helpful thoughts that I like to share, which help me live a happy life.

I offer long and short term counselling, with weekly sessions either in my practice room, home visits or as walk and talk therapy. I also do one-off family constellation sessions.